The Night is Always Darkest Before the Dawn

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Keep Heart Dear Ones

The night is always darkest before the dawn

There is a lot of darkness being cast out of the planet and our bodies right now as a result of so much light coming in. It can feel like it is becoming darker and that we are faced with even more difficult, challenging, heavy experiences than ever before. These experiences are playing out as a result of the shifting energies and in fact we are just seeing and experiencing these old energetic patterns and stories as they surface and release.

Now more than ever it is important to come back to the internal light and love that you are and anchor that as much as you can. What ever is playing out in your life that has the feel of old, negative, fear based energy, see it and use what ever practises assist you to come back to a loving perception and hold that truth firmly in your mind as you anchor and ground.

We are in the process of letting go of an old reality and birthing a new one. This in part involves withdrawing our energy from the old ways that we are finished with. As we let go of what we no longer resonate with and rest back into the love that we ARE the new reality emerges as a more enlightened reflection of our higher truth.

Here are a few invocations that I use to help me to anchor back to the light.

“Let the Light of my Soul guide me.”

“ I choose Love. Whatever is playing out. I choose to see it through the eyes of Love. If I have been drawn into fear let me come back to Love.”

And from A Course In Miracles

“I ask the Holy Spirit to correct my perception and return my mind to the awareness of Love.”

In Love and Light


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