High Vibrational Energy Healing &
Frequencies of Light Vibrational Essences
Assisting in the Shift to

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Meg Goggin

High Vibrational Energy Channel

Intuitive Energy Healer 

Subtle Energy Bodywork Practitioner

Spiritual Counsellor



Grounded in a Heart based reality of this Human experience while creating a pathway to the next stage of our evolution into the Realms of Light - this work is an offering  from the essence of the One Love that We all are with the intention of assisting you to your highest good and the purest expression of your Souls Light

Offerings & Sessions

Individual Sessions

Intuitive Energy Healing

Quantum Light Healing

Innerchild/Emotional Healing

Spiritual Guidance & Counselling

Frequencies of Light 

Vibrational Esences from the Realms of Light to assist Humanity as we take this evolutionary leap into Light Consciousness.

Quantum Light Healing

High Vibrational Energy Transmissions

Shifting to Light Consciousness

Awakening & Integration of Light/Star Body

Energy body upgrades and clearing



Through channeling powerful lines of energy, Meg’s work goes through you without even the physical touch involved. She was able to reach me at a cellular level helping me to make connections between symptoms,  emotions and  memory loads stuck within my bodily systems. The improvement that followed was profound.  



Meg is a highly skilled Energy Healer,  Multi Dimensional teacher and guide for anyone seeking assistance with their spiritual path and awakening to the new levels of consciousness 

Bev Whit

I can't tell you how good I felt after my session. There was a sense of lightness and freedom I haven't felt in many years, like a tiny spark had been ignited again. The day after the session, I had a very clear "light bulb moment" around a deep seated fear of rejection and abandonment, especially relating to my parents. Processing this has been both painful and enlightening.


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