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Channelled from the Realms of Light these essences are being offered at this time for the purpose of assisting Humanity as we take this extraordinary evolutionary leap to Light Consciousness. 


As an energy healer I have always had a strong connection to the spiritual realms and also to the subtle energies of the earth. I have recently been guided to an area in the northern rivers where the energy is so pure, serene and blessed. It is a place where the sacred energy of the earth is palpable and strong; a place where the heavenly energies open to and interact with the earth dimension, a portal to the Realms of Light.   


I have been guided to make these vibrational essences from this place to assist humanity as we travel through this period of great change and upheaval. The essences carry the frequencies of this area and also frequencies from the spiritual energies that abide here. They are literally a helping hand from the heavenly energies, that are so wanting to support us as we make our way through this transition.


They will help to sooth intense emotions when you are faced with challenging experiences in life


Assist you to clear your energy field from old emotional wounds and scars from this or other lifetimes


Awaken / Remind your system of its original blueprint of unconditional Love and infinite energy


Connect you to your souls light so that you can access the wisdom and understanding from a higher perspective


Assist with forgiveness, grief, rage, shame, fear and all of the difficult emotions we face at times in our lives and particularly at this time of transition


Assist in the healing Trauma of any kind, recent or from the past. Assist in healing the trauma of the Fall in Consciousness that we all carry.  


Bring Light to any person, situation or issue allowing for understanding, wisdom and ultimately growth. 


Instructions for use Drops

4 – 6 drops under tongue or in water 2 - 3 x daily or as needed

If you are going through a rough patch or there is some emotion moving you can dose extra to help you through.  You can take a few doses in quick succession in this case and it will help to move the emotion through or settle your system


On the body – you can drop a few or as many as you feel you need drops on to the body to clear any negative or disruptive energy from your field. I find it is useful to drop some on the crown in particular and then what ever chakras or areas that are needing help.


Place 6 – 10 drops in a cup of water and use as a wash over the body after a shower. This feels amazing to me its like having a shower of light. 


Ingredients – Pure Spring Water – Vibrational Essence, Brandy as preservative


For more information or enquires contact Meg 0414833096

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Frequencies of Light Vibrational Essences 

30 ml Bottle $20 

50ml Bottle $30