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Online/Distance and in person sessions to assist your system to integrate and align with the higher frequencies that are pouring onto the earth at this time.


These sessions/transmissions of High Vibrational Energy will assist you to upgrade to the next level of higher dimensional reality that we are all in the process of shifting to.


Here are some of the possible benefits that will happen during or following this session 


  • Downloading of any relevant information, templates, blueprints and frequencies that are ready to be integrated into your system as part of the shift to your higher dimensional self

  • Awakening and integration of your light/star body system if not already operational 

  • Grounding the Higher energies through your physical body and assisting with the integration of these frequencies

  • Assistance with the building of the Crystaline Light Body Structure – the new physical form of semi solid light body 

  • Clearing old patterns, programs, beliefs that are not in alignment with your higher vibratory self

  • Release and clearing of old emotional backlog from your physical-energy body to make way for your higher vibratory self to ground in your physicality and create the changes in your body, life and the world around you to match the shift in energy

  • Alignment with your soul’s light, purpose and wisdom

  • Bringing Light and healing to any issue, situation or difficulty

  • Raising your Vibration for greater health, vitality and happiness


As I work intuitively each session will be different based on what the individual needs are, however here is a basic guide of what to expect.

We will link up on skype or zoom or also possible by phone and chat about where you are in your life and particular issues you may wish to work on. I will usually take this time to scan your field for any relevant information that will assist in the transmission and talk through any other suggestions or information that may be helpful to you. If there is a need for some innerchild/emotional healing this will be done at this time. 

Then you will go and lie down somewhere comfortable and quite and I will energetically place you on the table in my super charged healing area. This is where the transmission will begin and you will receive energy healing from myself and the many divinely loving energies that come into assist with my work. You may fall asleep or go into a deep state of healing so I will leave it a little while before I contact you to complete the session.