Individual Sessions

Quantum Light Healing

See the section on Quantum Light Healing. A QLH will include some of or all of the modalities below. 

Mentoring - Shifting to Higher Consciousness

Intuitive guidance and mentoring to assist you as you journey through the sometimes challenging process of awakening and shifting to higher states of consciousness. These sessions can be extrememly helpful to help ground higher energies and to explore any issues that are arising for you as part of the shift in your vibration. I will be able to share specific techniques that will assist you on many levels and consolidate the changes taking place in your energy system, physical and emotional bodies.

Pre Birth Energy Healing & Ailgnment 

For Mums to Be - These sessions are a beautiful way to prepare for the birth of your new one and to assist you and baby to feel as connected and relaxed as possible. The session includes tuning into your energy field and the energy of the child to clear anything that may be in the way of an easy, flowing birthing process for both of you. There may be patterning in the ancestral line or old energetic structures in the soul line that can be cleared and harmonised allowing for a clearer passage. 

The souls coming to the planet at this time from the higher vibratory realms will often benefit from some subtle energy healing to assist their systems to adjust to and integrate the heavier frequencies that they will encounter as they journey into physical form. This can help to overt trauma as they make their way through the birthing process

We can also work through any emotional issues that are surfacing for you and assist you to prepare on all levels for the birth of your baby.

The following are aspects of the healing work that will be woven through all sessions

Intuitive Healing

When we intuit we are feeling our way from a heart space rather than a head space. The heart when clear allows us to connect with our “knowing” and our soul consciousness, giving rise to an understanding that goes beyond time and space. Guided by intuition we are able to follow a direction of healing that is the most beneficial, focusing on the path that will take us to the root cause of an issue.  Its like having a torch when you are looking for something in the dark. An intuitive approach allows insights and opens doorways to understanding that may otherwise go unnoticed. This in turn brings resolution to problems that may have previously been difficult to shift. 


When I work with the body as well as being aware of the physical structural alignment, musculature and organs, I also tune into the energetic environment of the body. The energy body is the blue print that the physical body follows and springs from. Before there is a problem in the physical body there is disruption in the energy. When the energy is cleared the natural flow will restore health and harmony.  

High Vibrational Energy

A powerful vibration of energy that has been coming through me since the year 2000. It was at first coming through for the planet which is why it is such a strong and powerful catalyst for change. As i began to work with individuals the HVE would though come through as soon as we encountered any disturbance or blockage in the energy field. When it meets any blockage or lower vibratory energy it comes through like a strong stream of light to clear, transform and transmute all negative or distorted energy.  Almost everyone says they feel lighter after a session where they have received High Vibrational Energy Healing as it is so effective at shifting heavy emotional energy that can block up our system. 

Innerchild/Emotional Healing

For many of us there are unresolved emotions sitting in our energy systems from times when we were not able to express ourselves or resolve a situation adequately. These pockets of unresolved emotions block up the flow of energy within us which can lead to dis ease, pain, depression, anxiety, depleted energy, or difficulties in relationship, health or in an area of life.

Innerchild/Emotional Healing will help you with –

  • Reconnection with and re-parenting of your innerchild

  • Processing and Healing of unresolved issues from childhood

  • Release and harmonising of unexpressed emotions

  • Clearing negative programs and patterns and beliefs from your energy field 

  • Addressing and healing current relationship/work/life problems

  • Help to connect you to your Souls Light, Joy and Wisdom


Innerchild/Emotional healing is essential in clearing the energy body and allowing our higher energies to come through. We all have a backlog of unprocessed emotional energy in our systems. This work may seem inconsequential but it is one of the most powerful tools to reconnect with our pure heart vibration of unconditional love. Once we can find that unconditional love for ourselves we can share it with others and carry the vibration of it out into the world. The child aspect of us is our pure light. Being in loving relationship with this aspect reconnects us with our souls light and is often a precursor to and an integral part of the awakening to our higher vibratory being.

Past Life & Other Dimensional Healing

When we explore inner child wounding or any block in the energy system, often a related issue from another lifetime or dimension will come to the surface. As I work multidimensionally this is highly beneficial as we can shift the energy blocks through all space and time in one hit. Magnific!!! 

Trauma Healing

For many of us there are underlying traumas that are often at the root cause of any disturbance in the system. I have worked quite solidly through my own trauma story for the past 25 years always looking for ways to make the journey easier for myself and others.

I work intuitively and usually with gently goes attitude when working with deep seated trauma. 

Subtle Energy Bodywork

Working dimensionally with the body, this is completely guided energetic healing that works on the physicality and subtle energy bodies, through the dimensions to restore the body to its original vibration of health and wellbeing. Corrects imbalances, removes negative imprints, releases blockages and limiting patterns of incoherent energy. This is very high vibrational energy work that simply comes through when the time is right and brings profound healing.

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90 min session $120 usually an initial session will need 90min

60min session $100

Quantum Light Healing or Mentoring online session 90min $120

60min Online $100

30min Online $50

Concessions available when there are financial challenges

I am very aware of the different financial challenges that many are experiencing at this time and am more than ok to work with your individual financial circumstances.