About Meg

Meg is an Intuitive Energy Healer with many years experience of working in private practise. She has been channelling High Vibrational Energy since 2000 working as a planetary energy healer and multi dimensional guide assisting with the shift in energy currently taking place on the planet


“My intention as a healer is to assist each individual to connect with their own soul, spirit, wisdom and light. 


These are challenging times but also very exciting when you begin to realise what is actually taking place and how we can join with this process to allow these evolutionary changes to take us to the new unfolding expression of our Light." 

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My personal bents are in the area of assisting with the awakening, grounding and integration of the higher energies, emotional/innerchild healing as a basis for clearing the field to create a pathway for the souls light to come through, trauma healing and high vibrational energy healing which is powerful transformational energy and can take many forms.  

I am skilled in channelling high frequency energies and grounding these energies through the physical body. 

"It is my absolute honour to assist you in whatever way best supports your journey to your highest good and purest expression of your Light" 

I began channeling healing energy many years ago when my children were young as an intuitive response to their minor hurts or sickness. In 2000 I moved to the Blue Mountains where I was guided to work with the earth energies and began a kind of spiritual training in Earth Energy Healing and Planetary Grid work. Part of this process involved acting as a channel for high vibrational energies to be anchored on the earth. This in turn intensified and assisted my own journey of Physical/Emotional/Spiritual Healing.


After much study, training and years of working on my own healing, I started in private practice working as an intuitive healer and massage therapist, assisting people on many different levels, working with the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions and channelling high vibrational energy to shift major blocks and distortions of the energy field.

I am attuned to Reiki, Heart Resonance and Theta Healing, as well as having studied and trained in Feldenkrais, Muscle Neurology Therapy, Remedial Massage, Counselling, Holographic Repatterning and Thought Field Therapy. I draw on these modalities in my healing work and combine them with the learning and experience from my own healing journey and the guidance I receive through Heart & Spirit.

Please Contact me if you would like to discuss your particular needs or have any further questions  0414833096​

I am available for online, distance healing Monday - Saturday and face to face sessions in Bellingen Monday to Saturday.