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Bundle Aura Spray & 30ml Drops

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Frequenicies of Light Aura Spray 100ml & Frequenicies of Light Essence 30ml

The perfect combination to Raise your Vibration and keep you in your Light

These two together create a synergistic combination that works systemically and locally to clear blockages and incoherent energies from your system. The drops taken internally work with your system to gradually work through the layers of heavier 3d material, old patterns, programs, unresolved emotional energy, blocakges of any kind and anything that is not vibrating with the higher frequency energy that we are now shifting to.

The Spray can be used more locally and with intent to clear anything that arises in the present time that needs clearing. Especially great with ascension sysmtoms, energetic attachments, heavier vibrations as they are releasing from the body. They also give you an immediate and very palpable lift energetically when your vibration is feeling low or knowcked around by engaging with the lower frequency energy that we encounter as we are interacting still with the 3D world.

I cannot reccommed these two highly enough as powerful tools for the spiiritual journey.

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