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Frequencies of Light Magdalene Essence 50ml

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This essence is a powerful awakener and support of the sacred feminine energy and in particular the Christ energy through the Feminine

It will support you to connect with this aspect of yourself and bring this into fruition in your life and your work. it has the ability to work with the deepest wounding of the Feminine and guide you through the healing of this if this is your path. If you are already on this journey it will be a panacea for the depth of emotions that come with this calling.

The Magdalene energy guides us to open to allow the light into the deepest and darkest places of our being. This most surely is one of the greatest teachings of Mary Magdalene and indeed was one of the intentions of the Essences, the spiritual group that she was linked to. The Bible talks about Jesus casting out demons from Mary Magdalene. It doesn’t mention the courage, trust and commitment by Magdalene, to open to that level of Christ energy and allow her vessel to be cleansed in this way. The Bible portrayed her as a dark feminine aspect but as i see it she was a powerful and enlightened being who was able to open to the collective darkness and let it be cleared from her as a massive service to the collective feminine and all.

At this time on the planet when we are being asked to open our physical bodies to more and more light and let them be transformed, I feel this essence is a powerful ally to the embodiment of more of our soul energy and the new higher vibratory expression of that in physical form.

There is so much more i could say about this essence and perhaps more will be written here but also much of the power of the Magdalene lies in its unchartered depths.

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