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Frequenicies of Light Aura Spray Lemon Scented 100ml

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This beautiful spray is such an amazing healing tool. I call these frequencies High Vibrational Healing in a bottle and that is what they are.

The aura sprays are perfect for clearing your physical and energy body from any heavy emotions and blocked energy.
They have the ability to lift and shift you to a better brighter lighter state of being instantly
Wonderful for ascension symptoms
Raising your vibration
Clearing a space
A powerful healing tool

They have all the benefits of the Essences listed below


High Vibrational Healing Essences channelled from the Realms of Light to assist with the Shift to Higher Consciousness
Clear your energy field
Raise your Vibration
Connect you to your Souls Light, Wisdom & Purpose
Assist with intense emotions & Ascension Symptoms
Awaken your Light/Star Body
Assist with healing trauma
Sooth and clear intense emotions
Bring more light, joy and love into your life
I ngredients - Pure Spring Water, Vibrational Essence, Organic Witch Haze, Lemon Essential oil
Instructions for Use - Spray on the body or in Aura or Space to clear, lighten and harmonise

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