Birthing a New Reality

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

As we are all experiencing a rapidly changing world, it can be helpful to explore higher perceptions and understanding of what is actually taking place so that it might ease the stresses and strains of this transition that we are very much in the throes of now with no chance of going back to where we were before. This is a birthing process and humanity and the planet itself is in the birth canal moving towards a higher expression of our selves and the creation of a new reality - a better world.

I know many are feeling disorientated, lost and sometimes overwhelmed and i want to acknowledge all those feelings and encourage us to be kind with ourselves and kind with each other as we journey through this potent and powerful transition.

If things are very challenging for you at the moment, if everything is seemingly falling apart or changing at a rapid rate that is sending you spinning, just remember that all of this is designed to shake us awake from a reality that we are all ready to let go of so we can shift into a new and beautiful experience of life in physical form.

Just breathe and feel whatever you are feeling and let go, let go let go and let your heart open. We are accustomed to holding on to emotions. Keeping it together. Making sure we look like we have got our stuff sorted out. Well the energy of the current times is the opposite of that. It is encouraging us to open and let go so we can expand into more of our Light and our Truth.

The Earth is Birthing, Humanity is Birthing. This requires us to open, surrender and trust with awareness and compassion, remembering the truth that we are more than this…. More than this story, more than this emotion, more than this body.

The feeling/emotion is an important and integral aspect of this experience and the evolution of our whole self to a higher state of consciousness. Emotion is Energy in motion. The story of whatever it is we are experiencing is just the mechanism of the universal intelligence in conjunction with our higher selves to bring these emotions that have been sitting in, and blocking up our vibration to the surface so we can let them go and open our hearts more and more and more. As we let the amazing light of our hearts shine out, clear of old heavy emotional energy we begin creating a new incredible reality that is in alignment with the higher vibration we start to become. The higher vibration that we truly are and a physical reality that is beyond our wildest dreams.

So many people are busy trying to stop, block, analyse, rise above their negative emotions.

These emotions to me can be the ticket to a higher consciousness when worked with in a conscious and enlightened way. They are literally like waves of energy that can transport you to a higher state of mind and being.

This is true Alchemy at play. The way of the Feminine is to feel the emotion much like a contraction of birthing. Breathe through it. Cry, scream, grunt, groan, if you need to but keep breathing to maintain consciousness of yourself as the being feeling the emotion and let it open you to more of who you are.

Holding space for an emotion with consciousness and awareness is different to getting lost in it and feeling that the emotion is taking over you. This takes practise, but there are many techniques out there to assist you in this. More on this in another post.

There is a collective backlog of heavy emotional energy blocked, held and unresolved for all of humanity. This needs to be transmuted for the shift of the earth and humanity into a new enlightened reality. This shift to higher consciousness and the age of Love is happening now.

So if you are not already on board this exciting ride, now is the time to jump on and begin transforming your very own piece of the planet and collective energy…YOU – Your body, your life and the world you interact with.

Everybody who is working on their individual human story and unwinding the drama, healing the hurts, allowing the truth of who they really are to unfold as the old stories dissolve, is doing this work….

“Well Done.”

“Well done.” We should be saying to ourselves and each other every day. “Well done you awesome amazing being for taking your part in this incredible transformation.”

Humanity’s own Conscious Evolution

Blessings of Grace and Peace

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